Arda Recording Co. was founded in 2017 and has a multi-studio complex for recording, mixing and mastering in Porto, Portugal.

Our engineers have been an important part of the music scene in Portugal for the better part of the last two decades, having worked with national and international artists from all genres. We now have 2 out of 5 studios fully operational and we're accepting bookings for recording, mixing and mastering. Get in touch with us to talk about your project!

What we do

At Arda Recording Co. we manage an outstanding team of engineers and producers that are comfortable working on a variety of musical projects. Over the past few years we have amassed a great collection of gear and musical instruments, so we’re definitely well equipped to tackle every record that comes our way.


From full rock bands to singer-songwriters, we are comfortable tracking all kinds of music. While our studios are under construction we can record in other studios, concert halls, venues, rehearsal spaces, a country house, wherever! We can take our gear and complement the studio’s or put together a complete portable recording setup. Get in touch and we’ll take care of everything according to your budget.


We have mixed all kinds of records throughout the years. Using some of the best analog gear on the market (including real analog tape), and the latest digital tools, we can help getting your musical vision across. We can also take care of editing and track clean-up, in order to get the best possible mix.


We have probably the most prolific mastering engineer in the country on staff, having mastered hundreds of records for all kinds of artists. From independent labels to big majors, we've done it all! Mastering is done with world-class mastering gear and monitoring, to elevate your mixes to their absolute best. In the mastering studio, we can also digitize and restore old formats like reel-to-reel tape, cassette, DAT, etc.

Team & Credits

João Brandão

Recording & Mixing Engineer | Producer

João is the founder of Arda Recording Co. As a producer, recording and mixing engineer he has worked with an eclectic bunch of artists, from all kinds of musical genres. His passion for analog recording and willingness to try all sorts of crazy stuff in the studio while focusing on maintaining an organic but characterful approach to engineering make him one of the most charismatic engineers in Portugal.

Some artists he has worked with:

Glockenwise, The Last Internationale, Lonnie Holley, Black Bombaim, Tributo Carlos Paião, Tiago Nacarato, Throes + The Shine, Best Youth, Filho da Mãe, Bear Bug, Miguel Araújo, Killimanjaro, Marta Ren, Little Friend, Orquestra Bamba Social, Peter Brotzmann, Sunflowers, Memória de Peixe, The Mean Devils, Cave Story, David Fonseca, The Lemon Lovers, Lululemon, Grand Pulsar, Jibóia, Jos Eckert, Mourah, Névoa, Mother Abyss, Botswana, Aspen, Disorder Orchestra, Equations, O Bisonte, Evols, The Walks

Zé Nando Pimenta

Recording & Mixing Engineer | Producer

Zé Nando is a producer and engineer that graduated from Berklee College of Music, in Boston. His professional career began in 1998 in New York City, where he spent 2 years working at Kampo Studios with Arto Lindsay and Andres Levin. In 2001, he moved to Barcelona where he assembled a recording studio and founded the independent record label Meifumado. After returning to Portugal, he establishes himself as one of the most unique producers and engineers in the country. Perhaps because he is such a talented multi-instrumentalist or because he is comfortable with both electronic urban music and acoustic recordings, Zé Nando has a great focus in the production process. Having an impeccable taste for sonics, he handles every project with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Some artists he has worked with:

Arto Lindsay, Marisa Monte, PZ, Abztraqt Sir Q, Paco Hunter, Miguel Araújo, Peixe:Avião, X-Wife, Os Tornados, Estilhaços, Orquestra Jazz Matosinhos, Mão Morta, Black Bombaim, Sam the Kid, Dealema, Azagaia, Long Way to Alaska, Coca Faray, Holy Nothing, Torto, Pernas de Alicate, La La La Resonance, Cavalheiro, Capicua, Rui Maia, Mirror People, White Haus, Serushiô, Frankie Chavez, Dapunksportif

Carlos Fuchs

Recording & Mixing Engineer | Producer

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos has always had a passion for music. A brilliant pianist, he works as a sound engineer and a producer since 1999, when he founded his recording studio, Tenda da Raposa. Recently, some of his productions have been nominated or awarded with prizes, such as “Noel Rosa, Preto e Branco” from Valéria Lobão, nominated to the 2016 Latin Grammy and Independent Music Awards, “Só Alegria” from Eduardo Neves, Luis Barcelos, Rogério Caetano and Celso Silva, which won the 2015 Independent Music Award, and “Outras Coisas” from Anat Cohen and Marcello Gonçalves nominated to the 2018 Grammys. In 2018, he relocates to Porto to join our team and continue his career both as an artist and as a sound engineer and producer.

Some artists he has worked with:

Yamandú Costa, Hamilton de Holanda, João Bosco, Caetano Veloso, Joyce Moreno, Danilo, Dori, Nana e Alice Caymmi, Ivan Lins, Gilson Peranzzetta, Joel Nascimento, Água de Moringa, Carlos Malta, Hermeto Pascoal, Brad Mehldau, Egberto Gismonti, Nelson Sargento, Dona Yvone Lara, Leila Pinheiro, Pedro Luís e a Parede, Zélia Duncan, Lenine, Valéria Lobão, Marcos Sacramento, Pedro Miranda, Marcello Gonçalves, Anat Cohen, Marcelo Camelo

Cláudio Tavares

Recording & Mixing Engineer | Producer

Cláudio got his start at the extinct Estúdios Sá da Bandeira. As multi-instrumentalist he feels at home suggesting new musical ideas for the records he works in. He’s one of the co-founders of Arda Recording Co. and a certified Pro Tools instructor. As a musician, he has played hundreds of shows both in and outside of Portugal.

Some artists he has worked with:

Sandy Kilpatrick, Samba Sem Fronteiras, The Weatherman, Souls of Fire, Bezegol, Beth Hirsch, Cícero, Mundo Cão, Via, Pedro Ferreira, Throes + The Shine, Master Jake, Before and After Science, The Japanese Girl, Lince, We Bless This Mess, Smartini, Killimanjaro, Can Cun, Beni Mizrahi, Orquestra Bamba Social, Tulsa, Meio Irmão, Lodge, Olavo Lupia, Vircator, Bié, The Sticks & Stones & The Broken Bones, Lado Esquerdo, Ghetthoven, Equations, Não Simão, Corvo Mudo

Miguel Pinheiro Marques

Mastering Engineer

Miguel is a co-founder of Arda Recording Co. and one of the most renowned Portuguese mastering engineers. He started his career at Estúdios Sá da Bandeira as a recording and mixing engineer, but soon found his passion in mastering. Having worked with some of the biggest artists in Portugal, he mastered hundreds of releases during the last 10 years, both for major and independent labels.

Some artists he has worked with:

S.Pedro, Capitão Fausto, Diabo na Cruz, Miguel Araújo, Manel Cruz, Ana Moura, Diogo Piçarra, Fernando Daniel, Tatanka, The Black Mamba, Balla, João Gil, Sean Riley & The Slowriders, Keep Razors Sharp, Salto, Glockenwise, White Haus, Sensible Soccers, Noiserv, Mafalda Veiga, Isaura, O Martim, VARIAÇÕES, Janeiro, April Ivy, SEA3PO, Roger Plexico, SirAiva

Filipe Louro

Mastering Engineer

Filipe is our junior mastering engineer. Although he is a graduate from the engineering course at ESMAE, he spent the last decade being a professional musician before embracing the dark side of mastering music for others. With a golden ear and the good will that will undoubtedly disappear after too many hours in the studio he will put his heart on whatever project that comes his way.

Some artists he has worked with:

Sunflowers, Grand Sun, Crystal Veil, TrYangle, Pedro Melo Alves "O", HILDA T


Every recording and mixing project is different so contact us for a detailed quote. We can usually work within most reasonable budgets!

For mastering, the following rates apply:

All prices include 23% VAT


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