Arda Recording Company was founded in 2017 and is currently building a multi-studio complex for recording, mixing and mastering in Porto, Portugal.

Our engineers have been an important part of the music scene in Portugal for more than a dozen years, and have worked with national and international artists from all genres. Construction of the new studios should be completed in March 2019, but the in meantime we’re still recording, mixing and mastering music every day. Get in touch with us to talk about your project!

What we do

At Arda Recording Co. we have engineers on staff that are comfortable working on a variety of musical projects. Over the past few years we have amassed a great collection of gear and musical instruments, so we’re definitely well equipped to tackle every record that comes our way.


From full rock bands, to singer-songwriters, we are comfortable tracking all kinds of music. While our studios are under construction we can record in other studios, concert halls, venues, rehearsal spaces, a country house, wherever! We can take our gear and complement the studio’s or put together a complete portable recording setup. Get in touch and we’ll take care of everything according to your budget.


We have mixed all kinds of records throughout the years. Using some of the best analog gear on the market (including real analog tape), and the latest digital tools, we can help getting your musical vision across. We can also take care of editing and track clean-up, in order to get the best possible mix.


We have probably the most prolific mastering engineer in the country on staff, having mastered hundreds of records for all kinds of artists. From independent labels to big majors, we've done it all! Mastering is done with world class mastering gear and monitoring, to elevate your mixes to their absolute best. In the mastering studio we can also digitize and preserve old formats like reel-to-reel tape, cassette, DAT, etc.

Team & Credits

João Brandão

Recording & Mixing Engineer

Glockenwise, The Last Internationale, Lonnie Holley, Black Bombaim, Tributo Carlos Paião, Tiago Nacarato, Throes + The Shine, Best Youth, Filho da Mãe, Bear Bug, Miguel Araújo, Killimanjaro, Marta Ren, Little Friend, Orquestra Bamba Social, Peter Brotzmann, The Sunflowers, Memória de Peixe, The Mean Devils, Cave Story, David Fonseca, The Lemon Lovers, Lululemon, Grand Pulsar, Jibóia, Jos Eckert, Mourah, Névoa, Mother Abyss, Botswana, Aspen, Disorder Orchestra, Equations, O Bisonte, Evols, The Walks...

Cláudio Tavares

Recording & Mixing Engineer

Sandy Kilpatrick, Samba Sem Fronteiras, The Weatherman, Souls of Fire, Bezegol, Beth Hirsch, Mundo Cão, Via, Pedro Ferreira, Throes + The Shine, Master Jake, Before and After Science, The Japanese Girl, Lince, We Bless This Mess, Smartini, Killimanjaro, Can Cun, Catacombe, Beni Mizrahi, Orquestra Bamba Social, Tulsa, Meio Irmão, Lodge, Olavo Lupia, Vircator, Bié, The Sticks & Stones & The Broken Bones, Lado Esquerdo, Ghetthoven, Equations, Não Simão, Corvo Mudo...

Miguel Pinheiro Marques

Mastering Engineer

Capitão Fausto, Diabo na Cruz, Ana Moura, Diogo Piçarra, The Black Mamba, Balla, João Gil, Keep Razors Sharp, Sean Riley & The Slowriders, S. Pedro, Jimmy P, Fernando Daniel, Salto, Madrepaz, Os Prana, OIOAI, Hands On Approach, Noiserv, Mafalda Veiga, Vaarwell, Cavaliers of Fun, Cut Slack, Trêsporcento, Isaura, Beatriz Pessoa, Young, O Martim, Manel Cruz, Espírito (Tóli César Machado), Roger Plexico, SirAiva...


Every recording and mixing project is different so contact us for a detailed quote. We can usually work within most reasonable budgets!

For mastering, the following rates apply:

All prices include 23% VAT


Since our new facility is still under construction, please get in touch via email at You can also call us at (00351) 220925572 during office hours (9h30-18h30 GMT+0).